We all hate that dreaded look down; you think you hear a noise, a rattle, a tick, or you just a suspect something’s going on down there. So what do we Sherlock Holmes do? We look downPoor form, dangerous style, and definitely not cool. Next step you jump off, have a proper look and there’s nothing wrong. Even worse than a fault, you may have “Second-Guess-Itess-Syndrome”. SGIS is often bought on by having your bike fixed by someone you don’t fully trust. Or in many cases, by doing repairs, and service yourself, without adequate time, the wrong tools, or knowledge to do it to standard.

To ride effectively you need confidence. Knowing the machine under your saddle has been looked after by the best technicians will certainly inspire your best riding. At Wilder Motorcycles and Power Equipment we give you that piece of mind. With over 60 years combined experience our factory trained mechanics will have your machine running its best. And you’ll have the confidence to ride your best

Our workshop is full of special tools, fortunately only the mechanical kind. All the guys are extremely professional and helpful, so you and your bike will feel welcome every time you visit us at Wilder Motorcycles.

Our Workshop services include:

Schedules motorcycle, ATV and power equipment services and tuning
Engine Rebuilds
Fitment of Spray Equipment
Tyre Fitting and Balancing

Please call on 02 63825927 and arrange a booking with the staff at Wilder Motorcycles and Power Equipment to attend to your Motorcycle, ATV or Power Equipment Product.